Give & Take is a simple set of tools and resources that will help you better engage your community around the things that matter most.

It starts with two simple questions: What do you know? What do you want to know? These questions are the catalyst for Give & Take, a gathering that engages participants through their own knowledge and curiosity.

Everyone Engaged

We all know something. We all want to know something. Give & Take taps into the stories and interests of your community to inspire new connections and celebrate the creativity and curiosity all around us.

What We Need Is Here

Communities are more than the sum of their institutions and infrastructures — they’re the sum of their relationships. At Give & Take, people share practical know-how as well as big questions and aspirations. This open exchange sparks new ideas and relationships around the things that matter most to each of us, instilling a sense of belonging, pride, and civic imagination — all ingredients for more vibrant and resilient communities.

Inspire Your Community

Give & Take gatherings can happen anywhere, and each person who attends is an active participant, helping to shape the collective experience. The Give & Take Community Engagement Kit will help you create a Give & Take gathering in your community, or bring fresh engagement ideas to your next conference or gathering.

Give & Take Name Tags help set the stage for an engaging environment at the start of the day, creating an atmosphere of active participation and enthusiastic creativity. Giving participants the opportunity to identify themselves by their experience and expertise and to seek support from others about their most urgent and personal inquiries, the Name Tags promote open and authentic connecting. They start conversations worth having!
— Diane Tran, Founder, Minnesota Rising
I’m never so inspired to go DO something in the world as I am after a Give & Take event. It’s easy to get stuck in the morass of gridlocked politics and stymied by sluggish economies, but the presenters I see at Give & Take always show that individuals can create things in spite of everything going wrong in the world. I’m also reminded that small creations are still remarkable and that communities thrive on little injections of energy.
— Jeff Jones, @Placecaster, St. Paul
Through Give & Take, I have met some amazing people in the community, many of whom I have connected with outside of the parameters of the evening of sharing. New friendships and collaborations are forming; discussions of creating better communities are happening. An interesting result attending Give & Take is my own community engagement.
— Janelle Nivens, @Mpls81, Minneapolis